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how much mulch? and how to fertilize

I helped my sister plant several fruit, and nut trees last fall, and I don't think she put enough mulch around them. She put maybe 6 inches around each tree and an inch thick. They are still very small trees (like 3-4 feet) what can she fertilize them with? She got them from the arbor day foundation. (cherry, plum, apple, pear, peach and walnut trees)

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If you got your seedlings from the Arbor Day Foundation, I assume they were bare root stock. 6â€

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Listen to the treeman!

When I plant a larger balled and burlapped tree I do a 6' diameter ring with no turf! Turf is adverse to tree rooting. A good 3" mulch prevents more turf and weeds. I will add, however, NO FERTILIZER during the first establishment season. If you pump nitrogen into the new tree it will promote topgrowth instead of allowing it to expand and develop its roots, which it needs to do during the first growing season.

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