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Flame tree

Hi guys, I'm located NSW east coast australia so I hope some other aussie posters here can help.

Have an Illawarra Flame Tree, they are amazing when in flower but alas ours has yet to drop all its leaves and do this. The tree would be about 8 years old now and about 15ft high (4mtrs) . When I get a chance I can take a photo if you like.

I'm thinking that the tree is in nothing but growing mode as I think its got its tap root into the spring that flows under the corner of our yard.

someone told me to drive copper nails in its trunk to stress it and then it may flower, heard of doing this with lemon trees but a Flame tree I don't know, don't want it to die on me, its a nice tree flowering or not.

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Shellharbor, I'm a Yank and a LONG way from you and don't have any idea what kind of tree it is, but I can tell you I would not use copper nails. They are very toxic to plant material! In essence you would, at best, be root-pruning the tree (if it lived). Root pruning is often recommended for wisteria vines that haven't been blooming. Would love to see a picture of flame tree.

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