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my knee-high spice bush is now only a couple of twigs!

I just did a walk-around the garden, just to look things over, you know?

I was not happy to discover the little knee-high spice bush I planted in the summer in hopes of attracting spice bush swallowtail had been nibbled down to 8" sticks.

The Clethra (summer sweet) next to it was nibbled on too, although not as much.

Earlier in the fall, I had to scramble to protect some new baby New Jersey Tea shrubs that were planted in Sept, because something was eating them wholesale -- a couple of them were down to nubbins. (Happily after I protected them with cylinders of hardware cloth, they've managed to show some signs of life (a couple of bright red buds here and there) before the freeze set in. Other new plantings that had been nibbled on, and had to be protected, were Chinquapin, Cercis (redbud), and Armeniaca mume (Japanese apricot). I took care to protect the trunks of other fruit trees I planted immediately so there were no damage there.

I'm assuming the culprit is bunnies although earlier on, groundhogs might have had some too.

What are your experiences with shrubs and trees that are wildlife faves?


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I don't have a problem with wildlife munching but you might want to try the extension service to see what plants are munch resistant.

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