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Fig Tree Sucker, how to grow?


So I successfuly grew a sucker off of my fig tree (brown turkey), and it has been growing inside now for a few months (in a vase w/ water). So I planted it in dirt and I think that it is probably the wrong time to put it outside. (I live in Sonoma County, CA and it is fall right now). Should I keep it inside until next year? It only has a few leaves that are fairly new... And of course all of the leaves just fell off of the tree that I got the sucker from. Would it die if I put it outside?


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I have no hands-on experience with trees started indoors, so take what I say with a grain of salt! :lol:

IMO, you could relocate it outdoors safely, as long as you invested some time and energy in hardening it off. That means for a period of 3 or 4 weeks (might not require that long, I'm not sure), you would have to move it outdoors early each day when the weather isn't too cold, and bring it back in at night, leaving it out a bit longer each night.

That's kind of standard practice whenever a plant is moved from inside a house to outdoors, and the practice is reversed when moving a plant that has been outdoors for, say, the summer, back inside for the winter. :)

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I would wait until spring then harden it off unless it is getting too unruley. Never know what winter will bring even in CA.

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