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shrub idnetification

i chopped down this shrub and the sap smell is horrible. i wanted to know what plant it is and if i should save the wood for firewood...or am i going to pass out from the toxic fumes.

i live in phoenix, arizona. it was about 8 feet high and trimmed by the previous owner to a rounded shape. I'm sure it would have been much higher.

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here's some photos





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Sorry, the photos don't come up for me.

Any description or hope of getting the plant's name from the former owner?

Maybe take a leaf or twig/branch in to a local nursery for identification?

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hiya mate no photos for me either but interested to see what they are :D
sidders, somerset :)

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The photos will show if you copy the URLs then paste them into your address bar of your browser. Apparently they won't work as regular URLs.


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County Extension Agent can help you

Taking your samples to the county extension agent in the county you live in should give you an immediate reply to all your questions - what it is and if it's poisonous in any form. Should be able to find them in the phone book or by calling any of your city or county offices and asking them where the county extension agent is located. :)

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