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Another One Bites the Dust

Just a hint of wilt at stem ends yesterday. Today the entire plant is more wiltly than not. Must be bacterial wilt. This experiment was to grow a late season plant on the balcony well away from any soil contamination. Potting mix was leafmold/compost blended with about equal parts of commercial potting soil. Wanted to see if the above ground planter location could avoid disease issues. The bacterial wilt must be in my compost!





I hope it is not the compost. For that matter I hope it is not bacterial wilt. Soilborne wilts are very difficult to remove: as I understand it, years of solarization and crop rotation. The chemicals used for eradication by fumigation, IMHO, are as bad as the disease or worse, depending on point of view.

Do you usually compost your plants at the end of the season?

There's a test you can do to check for bacteria in the stem by cutting a stem and placing it in water so it is suspended. The bacteria will "stream" out of the stem.

No streaming on the left and streaming on the right.

HTH ...

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I don't know what it is this year, but in my community garden plot and other people who have one, peppers, squash, cukes and tomatoes are randomly dying. This has never happened before. I have mostly heirloom tomatoes, so they may be more prone to disease. I rotate my crops, and where my tomatoes and peppers are I had green beans there last year. My eggplant is thriving and its in the same area. I also have 2 peppers that are growing like crazy - who knows...argh!!!! :twisted:

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