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Thank You Cynthia_h and Opabinia51

While it is still too early to count my tomato "chickens" before they hatch so to speak, I am overjoyed to report that after much worry and checking on them five times a day and in the middle of the night four of my tomato plants (Brandywine, Better Bush, Early Girl, and Mr. Stripey) have many fruits and many blossoms! I wanted to thank Cynthia_h and Opabinia51 and the other experienced gardeners on this site. Every post I read I learn something new. I have connected with some great women in my community I would not have otherwise without the "tomato connection" and we are planning a canning party (one has done it before thankfully but the rest only remember our grandmothers doing it). Most importantly, my 5-year old son who eschews vegetables with the passion of a thousand suns is really getting into the growing process . . . Thanks again for your commitment to new growers and the time/information you devote! You are making a huge positive impact on the world - LLT

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Thank you for your kind words. :)

Have fun at the canning party!

Cynthia H.
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