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My poor tomato plants

What is wrong? I only have three and then one started looking all wilted, etc. yesterday. I have been watering every other day very well, fertilizing once a week. I don't see any cut worms~any advice or help would be appreciated!





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That happened to me to. Out of nowhere. Some suggested it was some kind of fungal wilt.

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cut way back on the watering water deeply twice a week not every other day you may be smothering the roots

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Most certainly is bacterial wilt. I've lost about three plants to it this year. Perfectly healthy looking plant one day and total collapse the next. There are several fungal wilts but most of those occur much more slowly.
Bacterial Wilt
Bacterial wilt, also known as southern bacterial wilt,
is characterized by rapid collapse and death of the entire
plant. A cut through the stem near the ground reveals a
darkened, water-soaked center (pith and vascular tissue). In
later stages, the stem may become hollow.
Bacterial wilt is most serious in moist, warm, high pH,
low-fertility soils.

Full text of wilt article:

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