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You came in on p3 of a 3 yr old thread and apparently didn't read the rest of it. Calcium (like eggshells, TUMs, epsom salts) is recommended for blossom end rot, which is not what the OP had on their tomato. Blossom end rot is due to calcium deficiency (usually not Ca deficiency in the soil, just the plant's ability to uptake it). Catfacing is not: ... tml?cat=32

And fungal diseases are not aided by adding Ca either. Those seem to be the choices about what was wrong witb that tomato five years ago when the thread started.
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Hi all,

Sorry to hijack the thread but I saw this fruit yesterday with small brown spots on it. I went out today and discovered quite a change, has this been eaten or quickly rotted away with in 12 hours? ... BRb1BrR0RN

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