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Pest - White Fly on Tomatoes

i have been looking on this site and the net and have determined i have white flies. i also have some type of bug that has a dark body surrounded by a grey or blueish "fuzzball." literally, it looks like a tiny piece of fuzz, that when smashed reveals a tiny dark body. lastly, under certain leaves there will be 20-50 small little grey bugs that remind me of a grey flea (without the hopping, seem to be very "lazy" when I go to rub them from the leaves.) that might be the larva of the whitefly since there sometimes seems to be one or two whiteflys intermingled with the 20-50 "grey fleas." i did spray yesterday with 3 drops liquid ivory soap/water in a squirt bottle, but really don't know if it did anything. any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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Well, I'm glad you've been watching things, that's the first movement to figuring out what you have and what you can do about it.

Try planting some high nectar containing flowers like Primulas, baby blue eyes and so on to attract more insect predators to your gardens as well.

Read the Beneficial Insect Thread in the Permaculture Forum to get ideas of more plants you can put in your garden to attract other beneficial insects that will eat the white flies and other insects.

I have no idea what the fuzzball insect is but, it certainly sounds intriguing!
Feed the soil, not the plants.

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