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Cold Weather - HELP!

Help! I do not know how to help my tomato plant who appears to be looking cold! The temperature has dropped to 10% Celcius by day, probably colder by night

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Re: Cold Weather - HELP!

10°C I believe is 50°F and well within tolerance of tomatoes. They should be OK even at 40°F Do you know if your plant was hit by frost? It looks more like severe dry out and wilting — was it extra windy?
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Re: Cold Weather - HELP!

Have you fertilized your plant in the past few days? It could be fertilizer over dose.

Your plant looks exactly like 3 of my 18 plants that died, my plants were planted in the garden not in a large pot. One day 1 plant looked good then next day it looked wilted like it needs water but water did not help it died anyway. After pulling it up no bugs on the roots & no bugs on the plant. Each of the 3 plants died several weeks apart, June, July, Aug. Strange things happen that is why I always plant extra plants & several varieties.

Sometimes plants wilt from the hot sun middle of the day they after dark the look good again.

Make sure your plant has plenty of water it is hard to kill a tomato plant with too much water my plants are often completely under water for 2 weeks in spring and it never hurts them at all.

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Re: Cold Weather - HELP!

In canada as well and it has been that cold here and windy as well the last few days and my tomato plants are not droopy like that so I would say temperature is not the issue. Looks more like lack of water to me

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