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Multifloral trusses vs. not - wondering which this is

One of my crosses is doing this. I tried comparing with the two known varieties with multifloral trusses that I have growing, and my cross is nowhere near multifloral, but it's definitely more complex than a regular truss.

I was all excited and traced the inter-mingled vines from three different plants, hoping the rest of the trusses on this plant are doing the same thing, but unfortunately, it seems like the other two trusses are normal five-r maybe 7.


So, here are a few questions --

1. Is this merely environmental/accidental, nothing more?
2. Is there any potential in separately saving seeds from this truss in case it's a sport? Or even just might have stronger tendencies?

Just as a thought provoker -- this is F3 from my Maglia Rosa cross, originally pollinated with MIXTURE of Zluta Kytice + Matt's Wild Cherry + Coyote + Faelan's First Snow. I Got pink fruits and red fruits in the F1 and arbitrarily decided that
- F1 red fruits must mean the pollen donor was either Zluta Kytice or Matt's Wild
- F1 pink fruits must mean the pollen donor was either Coyote or Faelan's First Snow

So, is there any chance that this F3 -- which came from a white cherry F2, and therefore I'm assuming originated with pollen from Coyote or FFS (with Coyote being the more likely) -- could have genes for multifloral from Zluta Kytice, or do you suppose this is just multiple Coyote-type trusses fused together?

...ooooh I have a vague memory that someone at some point somewhere said multifloral trait is passed down through maternal genetics... is that right? Or am I thinking of some other trait? Was it variegation?

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