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Help with tomato seedling losing first leaves

Hello everyone, I'm a novice when it comes down to growing veges, but I have recently found out how relaxing and wonderful it is, trying and grow your veges at home.
I came to a conclusion that tomatos are relatively easy and fast so I went on and tried it out.
My first tomato garden died to my cat dropping it off the window :D
So I went at it again, made everything I could have found on line, till it happened and the seedlings came out.
First leaves spread out and I was excited, but coming back home I have found 2 stems without their leaves (cotyledons if I'm not mistaken). I've read that it might be due to overwatering? any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Does it have true leaves yet? After it gets a couple pair of true leaves, it usually does drop the seed leaves. If not and it has a bare stalk, your plant is in big trouble.

Over-watering usually leads to yellowed and maybe wilted leaves, not dropped, unless it were very over-watered for a long time.

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Thank you for the response.
No true leaves yet, 2 of them lost the first for no reason, 2 are fine for now.
Thank you for the overwatering info. I might have lost those first 2 because of bad placement spot.

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