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Yucky weather on the way, what should I do?

So I have this brandy wine that I purchased yesterday (picture below) and I was going to plant it today but I noticed the weather was going to be quite crummy this whole week. Highs of around 48-55 all week with a threatening night time low of 35 Wednesday night.

I'm very new to growing tomotes so I was wondering if I should go ahead and plant it in the garden and cover it during the colder days and nights since it will warm up again next week.

Or should I transfer it to a bigger pot and put it inside by the window or possibly under a light until next week?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Yucky weather on the way, what should I do?

Hi! Welcome to the forum!

What area is your new plant residing? You can add that information to your profile, and it really helps us to give you better advice for your plants!

There are a couple of ways you can deal with your dooming weather!

It'll likely be ok going out during the day, and in during the cold night in its current container as long as it doesn't get too warm during the day. I would not leave it inside for an entire week without some type of grow ligh set very close.

If if is gonna get warm out during the day, I would consider upsizing the pot. More soil means less drying!

Best of luck to you! :()
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Re: Yucky weather on the way, what should I do?

Keep in mind that the "hardening off" process involves protection from too much of any environmental extreme - cold, strong sunlight, wind ...

Your plant was likely in a greenhouse's controlled environment right up until, or nearly until, its sale. To avoid too much stress on such a plant, a little protection from difficult conditions for several days could really advance its chance of thriving.

Something as simple as using a lawn chair over the top of it and covering the chair and plant with a sheet overnight may be enough.

But relax and do not rue:

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