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Tomato Diseases in Miami 2016

I was planning to ask for help in ID'ing the problem, but closeup photography revealed Spider Mites. Wht is the best way to kill them without killing the plant. I have heard Neem oil is best.

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mites are hard to control. Make sure the plant is kept well watered so it is not drought stressed. Unfortunately mites are prevalent in the warmest months of the year and when you live in a tropical zone, it is hard to use anything. Neem does work on mites if you get good coverage. But since they float in on the wind you have to keep blasting the dust off the leaves as well. Sulfur also works and I like 3 in 1 garden spray since it is also a fungicide for the mildew in humid weather.

Neither can be used if the temperature gets close to 90 degrees or within two weeks of each other.

Other miticides work but the problem is that while there is good initial knockdown, there is usually a sharp resurgence as the chemicals kill off natural enemies as well. If you can isolate or pull out the heaviest infested plants that would be best.

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