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Bad tomato

My mother's tomato plant has been flowering for the pass month and half, but only produced one tomato. It was doing great at first but now it looks horrible and not producing anymore fruit. Please help.

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Re: Bad tomato

See if this explains it :D

:arrow: Subject: BER -- Blossom End Rot
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Re: Bad tomato

it always helps to tell us where you are located. There are hardly any garden questions that can be discussed without regard to location/ climate.

The tomato plant has at least a couple problems. As applestar suggested the tomato fruit is showing blossom end rot. That is not a disease, it is a physiological response to conditions. Most often it is a response to inconsistent watering and too much wet/ dry cycles. But the leaves are showing some yellowing/ spotting etc indicating some fungal disease, perhaps septoria leaf spot. If you type septoria into the search box at top left, you will find a lot here about it.

The soil looks quite dry. Are you watering enough? Tomato plants in containers in hot dry conditions may need to be watered twice a day. Has it been fertilized? With what? How many hours of sun a day does it get?
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