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What is wrong with the plants?

Recently my Tomato plants have these bumps/protrusions on its stems. The plants look healthy otherwise. They seem to flower and fruit.

What could be the issue? is it anything to do with over fertilizer? I used miracle gro water soluble first time as recommended last week. I am using earth-box kind of product called city-pickers pot.

Any kind of disease?
Will pesticide do this? my apartment complex sprayed pesticide on the lawn, it nearly killed one of the plants. Branches immediately became droopy and twisted.

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Yours is same as this -- your tomato stems are developing roots due to excessive humidity/moisture -- what you have there are proto-roots. Given more/continued humid/moist conditions, they would grow into actual roots like these

Subject: What is this white stuff growing on my tomato plants?
brettkanter wrote:What is this white stuff growing on my tomato plants?
I see yellowing leaves that are more of a concern -- fungal issues, I think? When tomato stems start doing this, it's time to start spraying preventively. I use diluted milk to start with.

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Tomatoes have these adventitious root nodes. Normally tomatoes if not staked up will sprawl along the ground and will root where these adventitious roots find a good spot and adequate moisture. Other vining plants will do this, especially plants with very long vines. It is a method of propagating along the stems and for very long vines it is an alternate source of nutrition especially when the tip is fifty feet away from the main root.

It is also why tomatoes should be planted deep since they benefit from a strong; well developed root system.

The nodes will air prune and not develop without moisture or any support for the root hairs.

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I wrap them with clothes dryer lint to give them something to root into

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