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I know there are many threads (and links) about disease ID, but please bear with me. I never feel really confident when looking at those pics. Anyway, my yearly battle with disease is underway. I win some, and lose some, and generally still get a decent crop. One plant is showing this type of pathology:



This starts on the bottom and works its way up. I have always assumed this is early blight. Agree?

Another plant is showing this pathology. I see this less frequently than the above issue:




My experience with the above condition is that the plants tend to quickly go down hill and die completely. Any thoughts as to what this may be? Interestingly, in the past I've had plants go down with this, but have all their neighbors show no signs of the same affliction. It seems less "contagious" than the blight.

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Re: Disease!

No, I think your first two pictures are septoria leaf spot.


septoria vs early blight:

The yellowing in otherwise healthy looking leaves (no spots, curling, etc) looks more like a nutrient issue or possibly a watering issue. Various nutrient deficiencies can cause that.

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