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Relocated cherry tomatoes droopy leaves

I've just moved house and at our new place I found 3 cherry tomato plants mixed in with a heap of tall weeds. Ranging from 50cm - 2 metres in length.

I relocated them, the smallest to a pot with drain holes, the other two into a patch in the garden where other plants are growing. I planted them slightly deeper in the ground than they previously were, I sprinkled some vegetable plant food and watered them well.

Within an hour the leaves and branches have started dropping. I have never grown vegetables before so I'm not sure if I've done something wrong. Will they come good again once the roots start taking hold of the new soil? How long will that take?

Do they need some sort of stake or rail for the vine to grow on or can they just grow along the ground?

Any help would be amazing! Thank you :)

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How did you transplant them? Did you plant them with soil around their roots (called rootball) or without soil around the roots?

Either way, it's probably just transplant shock. The tomatoes will get better after a couple weeks, just water them well, and make sure to cage them as well to prevent toppling over!

The reason I asked if they had root balls or not was beacuse of they didn't, then it is definitely transplant shock.

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When I pulled them from the ground they had a big clump of roots and soil. I left it all on and even used some of the soil that surrounded where they previously where when I replanted. So they need a cage?

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2 m cherry tomatoes will be better off with a stake. Are you in Europe or Canada? If you do, tall spiral tomato stakes are more easily obtainable than in the US for some reason. Bamboo, wood, or metal rods will work as well but you need to pound the bottom 30 - 40 cm or more into the ground. Bunch and tie up with string every 15 cm or so, tying securely to the stake first, then the bundle of vines. Limit side shoots (pinch or clip off) so there are only maximum 4-6 vines.

When you moved/transplanted, did you fill the new hole where it was planted with water? The way I do it is to put some fertilizer or compost in the bottom of the hole, thoroughly mix that into the bottom of the hole, put the plant in the hole, fill half way, then fill with water. Once the water soaks into the ground and subsides, I finish filling the hole, mounding a bit and making a moat all the way around the plant. This way, there is water all the way at the bottom of the hole. If you water after planting, water may not soak all the way down. This is especially important if the ground was dry.

How do you know they are cherry tomatoes? Do they have (mature) fruits on them already? Once tomatoes start fruiting, they need more water than when they are still just foliage. Don't be surprised if they abort the fruits from this stress.

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