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Relocated cherry tomato plant now has droopy leaves

I've just moved house and at our new place I found 3 cherry tomato plants mixed in with a heap of tall weeds. Ranging from 50cm - 2 metres in length.

I relocated them, the smallest to a pot with drain holes, the other two into a patch in the garden where other plants are growing. I planted them slightly deeper in the ground than they previously were, I sprinkled some vegetable plant food and watered them well.

Within an hour the leaves and branches have started dropping. I have never grown vegetables before so I'm not sure if I've done something wrong. Will they come good again once the roots start taking hold of the new soil? How long will that take?

Do they need some sort of stake or rail for the vine to grow on or can they just grow along the ground?

Any help would be amazing! Thank you :)

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