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Re: Too late to prune?

As far as I know, the young suckers you can cut at anytime. I would not cut suckers that are long or blooming. I would not cut the top.
Let's see what others say.

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Agreed, you can prune out suckers any time. I routinely pinch out the growing tips at the top of the plant when it is getting too tall.

Your plant is not getting enough light and will likely not be very productive. Don't you have any way to move your hydro set up outdoors? (If you decide to do that, you can't just dump it from dim indoors to full sun, you have to give it gradually increasing light exposure.)

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Most cherry varieties are indeterminate. What variety are you growing? You can prune as long as it is an indeterminate variety.

I agree it looks a bit wimpy from lack of light, but if it seems healthy, it will probably keep growing if cut back. And providing better light and other growing conditions will result in healthier growth.

I would actually NOT cut off all the suckers because generally, the secondary sucker growth can be more vigorous. Look for thicker, vigorous suckers lower down and pick maybe 3 or 4 maximum to keep, then top/cut off the rest -- especially the weak growths.

The plant might be more manageable after pruning and this might be the time to move it if you can. But if you are going to keep it here, I think you will have better results if you lined the two side walls with Mylar (I use emergency blanket) and then install two 4 ft shop lights vertically. 2-tube lights for total of 4 tubes would be better. Use 6500K daylight tubes.

You can train/support the 3-4 vines by wrapping around strings hanging from the ceiling. Give them plenty of space to spread out. Keep the suckers pruned.

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