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I have to vent.
My tomato plants were growing nicely. I saw some first flowers yestreday. Today, it is all been eaten.

I don't know, if deer or ground hog ate it. Last year same thing happened. But whatever ate it, did it only to the first flowers.
This year it seems it liked what it ate, it just took a large chunk of the plant. :cry:

There is a huge backyard with lots of plants nearby. it targets my plants.

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If the plant was tall, more likely deer.

If it was shorter and it was nibbled from the top down, including leaves, more likely ground hog.

If your ground is soft, they will leave footprints that are easily distinguishable.

Deer netting makes cheap easy fencing that will keep either one of them out.

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I have trouble with field mice,they will eat tomato plants right down to the ground.
Any sprawling plants- they strip the leaves off.
I have to fence the plants in with small hole fencing.
Tomatoes they take bites out of.

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