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Re: Best tasting raw tomato in your opinion?

Oh my goodness that site is amazing! My problem is I want to get one of everything. Haha

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I think the best ones are cherry tomatoes, the come packed with flavor, many bigger ones can be tasting like a rather diluted tomato.

My favorites are:
Gardeners Delight
Florida Petit (awesome for year around indoor growing)
Romantica (A commercial cherry plum, very flavorfull, I havent found seeds online, but they seem stable so I just take seeds from storebhought tomato on this one.)

These are flavorfull tomatoes, they are like a big beef tomato concentrate and I love to throw them whole in my mouth and enjoy the explosion of flavours in my mouth. 98.99% of my tomatoes are eaten raw, the rest might become a salsa.

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I hope to have some new favorites after this year! ( this is my 3rd year & I'm Growing a lot of new promising types this year: 2016 w00t!!!)

That being said, when I read the question "What's your favorite [raw] tomato?"

For whatever it is worth, what popped into my little head was: Lemon Boy!

Last year's lemon boy tomatoes (they are bright yellow & even golden when overripe*) are the ones I miss the most!

*the first tomato patch I ever grew happened to be yellow pear tomatoes, so I cut on my teeth on them so to speak. Well, the following year my MIL grew the lemon boys and she couldn't tell at all when they were ripe... it was my job to harvest the lemon boy because I had the golden eye ;)

That tomato plant was a monster that did not quit, after the lemon boy tomatoes turn lemony they go golden... it was actually weeks until I tasted a lemon boy tomato that wasn't overripe golden (every time I made it over there it had pumped out 6+ pounds more of HUGE golden tomatoes inside and out of its giant area, hah! )

I didn't even realize the *golden* ones were probably technically overripe because they tasted so wonderul and kept so well?

one day I touched one of the way smaller truly yellow tomatoes
And noticed that it absolutely felt *ripe* !

I picked it even though it was markedly smaller than the ones I had generally been picking... and I found that tomato to taste strikingly different! It tasted much more like lemons exactly and I was kind shocked. :D

(If only because I had eaten pounds and pounds of those tomatoes? But the overripeness and its extra sweetness or? Something scientific I would think, hah, had canceled out the lemon-tasting aspect of it as it became more and more ripe.)

All delicious, but I am definitely going to find the lemony line on the lemon boy tomato this year (Mother Nature/Etc Willing, hehe)

I have a Lemon Boy tomato plant of my own in a nice container already this year :)

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SarahTheMascara wrote:
Gardener123 wrote:

I think but really they are everywhere on the internet.

I had never thought of ordering online! Thanks for the suggestion. I ordered some Cherokee purple through along with some other interesting sounding varieties. Can't wait until they get to me!
Have they arrived yet? :) (I'm very interested in ordering some transplants online but not sure if it is safe)

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40 years ago I use to plant 6 different type tomatoes every summer it took about 3 years to learn which tomato we like best. We like all the Beefsteak type tomatoes, Beef master, Big beef, Beef steak, Super Star, I think there are 2 more I just don't remember the names. Everyone can tell you what they like best but that does not mean you will like it too. Beefsteak are large producers, large diameter tomatoes, good flavor, great slicing tomato for sandwiches and hamburgers, great for, stew, soup, chili, salads, juice, sauces. We Can 140 lbs of tomatoes in mason jars every summer to last all winter.

You should plant several tomatoes to see for yourself which one you like.

Celebrity tomato is what is sold in the grocery store they have about as much flavor as cardboard.

Some tomatoes have good flavor but are low producers.

I tried many heirloom tomatoes some compare to beefsteak in flavor but they were low producers that produce about 60% less tomatoes than beefsteak.

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