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Tomatoes, by me

In short, had a tree taken out, gives me a bit more sun, and less habitat for squirrels (a bane of urban living). Got a few starts in the spring, potted late (recurring theme). Good thing I didn't depend on them as I am at market every week and get a few from other farmers.
I have a couple of Better bush and a Cherokee purple. The better bush well suited for containers as it is stocky and not rambling. Fruit not up to brandywine, Arkansas traveler or cherokee (I get from market), but good, and nothing like FRESH! Another cherokee popped up as volunteer from compost that is really an oregano pot.
I got a few tomatoes, and worked ways to thwart the squirrels with mesh baggies. Then plants took a summer break, now kicking in with blossoms and little green tomatoes. Today worked in some osmacote and lime and topped with fresh soil mix. Hopefully will get a few tomatoes, even if smaller than 1st round. Frost about 1st Nov, so should get a few.

If all goes as planned, going for a few of the Better Bush next year as I work in containers.
Have fun!

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