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Advice on spacing tomatoes plants along a trellis

Hi! This is my first time gardening so I am unsure of how to space my tomato plants along a trellis. I will have 15 feet of trellises based on this video, one 10-foot and one 5-foot. I've read that you can reduce the spacing between each plant if you're using a trellis, but I'm not sure by how much.

I have many Sun Gold plants, two Roma, one Super Sweet 100, one Mr. Stripey, and one Defiant. Ideally, I would like to plant 2 Sun Gold, 2 Romas, 1 Super Sweet, 1 Mr. Stripey and 1 Defiant. I'm open to planting some in containers, planting some with a tomato cage or, as a last resort, making another 5-foot trellis. I definitely want to plant the indeterminates on the trellis.

Anyone have any ideas on how to space them, or which ones I should plant in a tomato cage or in a container if I don't have enough room? Also, does anyone have recommendations on stringing the trellis: should I make a net or just vertical strings (or different styles for different tomato types)?

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Re: Advice on spacing tomatoes plants along a trellis

I am not an expert but, after seeing how my tomatoes are currently growing, I would never space them closer than 3' apart. I'm using the 2' round Texas tomato cages spaced at 3' with 2' between offset rows. You can see the one to the right is already reaching outside of the cage. I just think any closer would make for an annoying mess when trying to harvest. You could do the single stem method and fit the tomato plants closer together, which would require removing suckers from the "armpits" of each tomato plant as they grow. That is a little too involved for my style lol but it works and a lot of people do it.

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