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A second greeting to my new home topic

Yes I have also did an official greeting in introduction topic but tomatoes will be my most common thing. We had a small spaced out garden last year, our first, and had that luxury of snacking fresh tomatoes whenever we wanted.

In fact my wife will only eat fresh picked tomatoes, nothing from a store or restaurant.

So you will be seeing lots of questions from me, and I will try to look at other users questions, but I only go back about two or three pages when browsing, so if I ask something that's been asked a thousand times like "how do you cross pollinate"? Then I am sorry

And yes I've spotted the topic on cross pollination, I am just using an example the I might ask a few question y'all seen a thousand times

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Re: A second greeting to my new home topic

Welcome to the forum. I will be looking forward to your posts. Since you are a tomato connoisseur, you might tell us which varieties you liked and what their pros and cons were.

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