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Color Of Tomato Plants

As anyone that follows my posts knows, I am growing 4 "batches" of tomato plants sourced from supermarket tomatoes. They are quite different from each others. Batch 1 plants are vine like and one plant survived a Miami summer. The tomatoes are about 1 3/4 " in diameter. Batch 2 are tree like and lighter in color with larger tomatoes, much larger than batch 1. They are not disease resistant. Batch 3 are much darker green but have fewer tomatoes on the plants. They have little disease. Batch 4 are still seedlings. The jury is still out on these.

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Re: Color Of Tomato Plants

I'm growing purple, orange, yellow and red with orange stripped tomatoes this year. All from seeds. I'm excited to see how they turn out.
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Re: Color Of Tomato Plants

Here's an example of variety difference in tomato plant/foliage colors and structures/shapes: :D
applestar wrote:Blooming Kootenai. Look at the color contrast with the chartreuse foliage of Cherokee Tiger Large Red 8) (there is a regular tomato leaf colored Sweet N Neat leaf tip to the left for comparison. The beat up fuzzy leaf in the right front is an eggplant. :wink:)
I posted a bunch of seedling photos noting the colors and shapes of the foliage here, too. You are right! It's very interesting and intriguing 8)
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