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Question on Growth after Repotting

I repotted all my plants on Wed night. I could have repotted a couple of days sooner, but I was waiting on my
order from greenhouse megastores 2nd order good folks. Anyway everything was good, and I planted them
deeply. Now I would expect the top growth to slow down a little since they are planted deeply, and I would think
it will form new roots & then take off.

How soon would you expect them to really take off? I had to go out of town today & will be back on Sunday. I raised the lights a good couple of inches above. My sister is house sitting but I don't trust her to try to adjust the shop lights.
Do you think it will be okay when I get home on Sunday Afternoon?

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I'm thinking about 5 days -- not so soon as 3 days but not as long as a whole week....

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