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Tomatoes on the ground before fully grown/ripe

Help! I google-searched as much as a I could but still am not sure what's wrong.

We have 20 seemingly healthy tomato plants. No fungus or rot or anything. The Roma's get to be about 3/4 of the size I expect them to be and then they fall off their stems onto the ground. I haven't had a single red tomato yet becuase of this!

Is there something that would make tomatoes fall off their plants en masse?

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Re: Tomatoes on the ground before fully grown/ripe

Don't know whats causing that, but I hope you're saving the tomato's & letting them ripen? Put them in a paper grocery bag & they'll still ripen up.

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True this...any green tomato that falls off the vine can be ripened in a paper bag...but as far the them falling off? hmm..maybe high winds, or a plant not caged...some people use a stake so caging not a problem..the plant can sway and drop some fruit. I would suggest a cage..so that the cage can support the plant...though in heavy wind, ya may still get some fruit drop..but not as much as a staked plant.

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