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Forget the 6 packs for tomatoes buy the 4 packs!

I was at Agway today and wanted a flat of 4 packs but all they had was six packs in smaller and larger like 48 per flat and 72 per flat. I wanted the 32 per flat. After going to Home depot and seeing one tomato a foot high for $12 I was thinking of selling plants this year especially my tyeDye and pine apple! I have some really good varities this year but they are small yet.

Two days of a 100 or more in the green house should make they grow quick! I bought a big van for my carpet business and may take it to the flea market with plants in the middle of may! A 4 pack of tomatoes at Home Depot was almost $4 a good bit!
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Re: Forget the 6 packs for tomatoes buy the 4 packs!

Do you do the grocery shopping? If you haven't you will see just how much more everything costs these days. Meat prices are going through the roof although chicken has started to come down a little. Good thing I grow a lot of my vegetables and fruits too. It is getting harder to get out of the grocery store under $40, I am lucky if I can keep it under $80.

Fertilizer, pots, media, costs 30% more and my water bill has quadrupled in the last two years and that is with conserving and reusing as much as I can in the house.
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