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Gypsum & BER

Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 10:06 pm
by ArtB
I read some posts on here about BER and don't think I read one that mentioned gypsum. Coupla years ago I built a nice raised bed mixed good topsoil with composted cow manure (from a buddy's farm) and planted tomatoes. Great plants & lots of maters but most of them had BER. I read somewhere that gypsum mixed in the soil would help correct this problem so next year I got a small bag & mixed it in & planted same variety. Not one had a rotten spot and the bag said it would not change the ph. I'm wondering if I should ad some to the soil this year before planting ? Any thoughts would be appreciated. New to these forums & tons of info on here but takes a long time to go through the posts even typing in what you're looking for in the search. :shock: :?

Re: Gypsum & BER

Posted: Thu Apr 10, 2014 5:50 am
by Gary350
I have put gypsum in my garden too it works great for BER in tomatoes, squash and melons. I many have over don't it a little I had an old 5 gallon bucket of sheet rock mud with about 1 gallon of mud left. I mixed it with water and poured it all on my tomatoes. BER was gone in a week.