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Spraying Water On My Micro Tom Tomato Plants

I am an 85 year old retired photographer and public relations representative.

At present I am trying to encourage retirees to take up radio controlled multi rotor aircraft O:) , but my interest in this forum is in trying to locate a spray wand for my Round Up 190259 Garden Sprayer. I don't need this sprayer to spray insecticide, but only to spray water on my Micro Tom tomato plants. I have arthritis and cannot easily get down to my plants which are in 6 inch plastic pots. This sprayer would allow me to water my plants from my porch.

Any assistance in finding a wand accessory for my sprayer will be forever appreciated. :)

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Presumably, you are going to clean it thoroughly if you were used herbicide in the sprayer before....

Quick search showed on Amazon that this particular model sprayer has been discontinued by the manufacturer which means either you'll find replacement parts at discount or they will be impossible to find.

Did the original wand break? It looks as though the wand and hose screws on like a cap? Do you know if other manufacturers replacement wands would fit? (Or is that what you are trying to find out....)

I've seen similar sprayers of various models at a local Ace hardware store, but I understand if you are feeling like you don't need a whole another sprayer and just want to fix this one.

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I have only used this sprayer with water to flush the ink out of my Canon printer cartridges. I now want to use it to water my tomato plants, but I have misplaced the insructions and the wand that came with the sprayer.

I need a replacement wand, but cannot find one anywhere. I can still buy my sprayer complete with wand for less than twenty dollars, but it just seems unreasonable to have to buy a whole new sprayer just for the wand. there must be a wand somewhere.

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I know that home improvement stores (well, the Home Depots where I live, anyway) sell replacement nozzles. Solo brand makes a universal nozzle that should work on the RoundUp bottles. They have them on their website too, in case your local store doesn't stock it. ... and?NCNI-5

But they cost more than a new sprayer. The 1 gallon HDX brand (home depot's plain wrap label) sells for about $13 in my area. Perhaps a search on Amazon or eBay may turn up a deal on the discontinued model's replacement parts.

Good luck!

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