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Popular Tomato varieties

I am currently running trials on the tomato variety, Tropic.
I bought it originally to try due to it's disease resistance.
I do not want hybrids,
I want to be able to save my own seed.
This plant is producing standard size round tomatoes of 3 - 4 inches in dia.
I is suppose to be resistant to most diseases and will still produce when diseases strike.

Is there any other indeterminate, open pollinated varieties that will be equal or even better?

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Do you have some pictures? Where did you get the seed?

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Atkinson - F,N, GLS, and moderate resis. alternaria
Manalucie - F, GLS, gray mold, and tolerance to EB
Ozark Pink - V,F
Traveler 76 - F
Single Beefsteak - VFN - from Burpee, I'm not sure if these are the same as 'Super Beefsteak'
Sophya F1 - its a hybrid but its stable for TMV/ToMV resistance (Tm2a or Tm2^2 gene)
Royal Red Cherry (LA2088 or 76VFT1) - V,F,T,A - an OP that carries the same TMV/ToMV resistance gene ^above. VictorySeeds has a 'royal red chery' but I'm not sure if it's the same as this one.
Matt's Wild Cherry - late blight

There's more below that I missed but a lot of the OPs are either determinate or very hard to find. ... atoai.html ... atojr.html ... atosz.html

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