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call me crazy but....

I have been growing tomatoes in the same soil mix I use for my African violets and it seems like it works so much better and I swear I don't think I will have to fertilize much either just sayin ....but it works for me and I'm just amazed at it .

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I don't know. I'm not an African Violet grower, but I think the mix recommended for them is very loose and free draining and has lot of calcium, but is very infertile. I think the idea is that you plant the AV in the infertile soil and then fertilize every couple weeks or so. So the mix might be OK for tomatoes, but I'd be very surprised if you could use it without a lot of fertilization. Tomatoes need a lot more nitrogen and other nutrients than AV's do. And more water. In a mix like that, you would have to water your tomatoes very frequently.

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