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can tomato plants be transferred from ground to pot? when?

I would like to transfer whole tomato plants from the ground to pots. These plants may be re-planted in the ground elsewhere.

Is it possible to transplant mature tomato plants from ground to pot (NOT from pot to ground)? If so, can I transfer the plants at any stage in the growing process, such as 10 days before harvesting? Would this cause too much stress on the plant? Will the tomato plant need to be replanted in the ground, or can it be grown as a potted plant?

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Well, I've never tried this before - but - if they are that close to harvest, I surely would not move them.

If you are wanting some tomatoes in pots, you can take some of the long stems off the bottom of the plant, cut it at an angle, and gently set that cutting about 1/4 of the way in your pot's soil. Tomatoes are great for growing from cuttings, and in a few weeks you'll see it take off.

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