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My favorites...

Just joined this gardening forum - spring fever has set in and my need to obsess over seeds has returned. It is delightful to see other crazy-for-tomatoes people out there. :D I have ordered in the past from Johnny's, Marianna's Heirloom Seeds, heirloomseeds.com, TGS, and rareseeds.com with wonderful results. This year, I ordered from Tatiana's and Knapp's - impressed by their selection and optimistic now that I have read such lovely recommendations for them.

Excited about being here with the others who need a 12-step program! :P


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Re: My favorites...

I'm excited that you joined! :)

Welcome to our community!


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Re: My favorites...

Welcome also

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Re: My favorites...

Image Rebecca!

Welcome to the forums.

Now, somewhere you will have to tell us about your favorite varieties, okay?!

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Re: My favorites...

Welcome to the forum
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Re: My favorites...

Welcome. There are a lot of other tomato lovers you can commune with.
Happy gardening in Hawaii. Gardens are where people grow.

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