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Tomato Soil pH

Hello all - first post here...

I was wondering what would be the ideal pH for growing tomatoes. I have some cherry and big boy seedlings and my pH is relatively low as I'm under a bunch of pines (low 5s). I've heard a lot of conflicting info. Some have told me the lower the better (within reason) while other have said I should be closer to neutral. Any input?

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Hi there! From what I've read, tomato plants consider an ideal pH as being around 6.5 down to 6.

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A pH of 5 is getting a little acidic but, don't try to fuss to much with the soil pH. You can add a little bone meal to bring the pH up a bit. Just add lots of compost to the soil with well composted manure and nature will take it's course. Also, add the bone meal or crushed eggshells to add Calcium to the soil which will lesson the chance of succombing to blossom end rot.

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