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Tomato ripening question

Hi all,

I've had green tomatoes attempting to ripen in brown lunch bags for two weeks. They haven't turned at all, and I was wondering if it would be better to put them all together in a larger brown paper bag or in a large Tupperware vessel pictured below. The only reason why they're separated is because I had read that they shouldn't be touching one another while attempting to ripen.

Any help is always appreciated! Thank you!
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Re: Tomato ripening question

What about a windowsill in the light? I usually leave them on a windowsill until at least mostly red.

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Re: Tomato ripening question

I just pile mine in a big bowl and they ripen up fine. Even totally green ones sometimes will ripen eventually, but it works much better if they are at least white if not blushed. Temperature and humidity affect the ripening indoors. Temps below 60 will slow the process down a lot.
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Re: Tomato ripening question

I put mine in a brown bag with a ripe apple on the windowsill.
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