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Big Storm, wilting leaves

So as the intro suggest we caught the back end of the florida tropical depression this weekend, starting on sunday aftrnoon, building until the middle of the night. In the morning we had one broken branch but everything else seemed in place. Yesterday it was dull and overcast but with a light drizzle all day. Today,(tuesday), I have noticed that the tomato plants seem to have really droopy, wilting leaves (as if there was a hot sun and not enough water). the main stem lower branches are fit and strong, it's literally the leaves around the crown that are droopoing. Any cause?
The plants are in containers 2 per 2ftl, 1ftw and 1ftd. Too much water retention in the soil?

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Too much water from the storm and rain would be my guess. I would wait a day or two with them in some good sun and see if they perk up significantly before getting too worried.

It's been five weeks since I had any apreciable amount of rain in my garden. My water bill is going to be murder this month, I bet :(

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I think you are lucky you are even getting rain. I am in 'Bama and we are having a record drought. It has not rained one drop (and I mean that literally) since April, and it only rained about twice in April. I tried to till my garden yesterday and my garden was a dust storm. Dry as a frickin' bone. I was hoping we'd catch some of that Florida tropical depression, but it missed us totally. :(

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