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Sunflowers sprouting in Tomato Container

I have this bird seed that is shelled sunflower seeds. The person at the bird store said it won't sprout which will benefit me since i live in an apartment. I guess some of it fell into my tomato container in this past wind storm and when I added some new soil on top of my plants, they started to grow. Now I have some fully grown tomato plants producing fruit and a few sprouts of sunflower. Should I go ahead and pick off the sunflower sprouts? Will it do any harm to my tomatoes? Or should i leave them?

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Re: Sunflowers sprouting in Tomato Container

The sunflowers could have been shelled but retained the whole seed including the embryo intact so they could sprout. Since the tomatoes are in a container I would remove the sprouts as the competition would be bad for the tomato plants.

If they're very small you could transplant them gently.

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Re: Sunflowers sprouting in Tomato Container

Agree, if you have some where to transplant them to, you could do that. You can't leave them in with the tomato. Tomatoes and sunflowers both get very big and both would suffer from the competition.

I regularly get volunteer sunflowers from my birdseed. Since they are in the ground, I just let them go.
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