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Re: tomatoes and peppers in or out?

Geez, sounds like y'all are really getting the runaround from the weather! This year spring has been weird all over. Hope you guys have good luck with the rest of spring!
I too wish I had planted sooner, but we had late frosts, hail and freezing rain and even snow :shock: that killed off the first batch of seedlings when I thought we were in the clear. So, we started over in early Feb. Well, now the forecast says 99F on Mon and the maters already look like they may not set any more fruit this year. If that's true I'll get about 6 pieces of fruit from each plant. :cry: We can control many things in our gardens, but in the end nature has the final say.
Perhaps it's time for me to re-read apple's Winter Indoor Tomato thread and buy some seeds and do my own Summer Indoor Tomato Project. :wink:

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