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Re: Tomato seedlings are getting some sun

Yay! Living in the South has it's perks!

This is my garden (with toms in foreground, and winter stuff still going in the background) a few weeks ago. Started the seedlings Jan 15th. ... d64faa.jpg

This is a closeup shot of a tomatillo when it first got its toms. Now they are about the size of a golf ball. ... 9620bb.jpg

Stage 1 of the hard part is over. I hardened and transported them into the ground successfully. Stage 2 is keeping the birds and squirrels from stealing them!

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Re: Tomato seedlings are getting some sun

applestar wrote:Thanks, Gixx. Some of them are waterlogged and leaning over, but they seem to have come through OK. Now to see if I can move them all back inside before tonight's drop into the 40' and tomorrow's 90% chance of heavy down pours... Then lows in the 30's -- 30's! -- over the weekend. You know they grow every time you put them outside. I don't even know if they'll FIT under the lights any more. :roll:

Yep. Definitely started them a tad too early. :oops: PETE
...and so many too :oops: PETC

... :>
Tell me about it! That storm was crazy! I even was startled awake with one of those thunder-claps. I personally like the cooler temps than those 80s we had the last couple days. I'm glad to hear that yours are doing well though despite the storm. We're in for some 'normal' weather the next few days as far as I can see. My lemon and Mandevala are outside. They're just going to have to stay outside. Esp the lemon. Too heavy and painful to move.

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