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Re: Winter Indoor Tomato variety candidates

2017-18 Winter Indoor Tomatoes variety candidates --

A tomato grower from Mississippi said "Mid July seed drops = Mid November fruits" for growing FALL tomatoes.

...which is in line with what I've noted in the past for my Winter Indoor Tomato growing timeline -- that I need to start my seeds of the earliest maturing varieties by beginning of August at latest, to get at least some ripe tomatoes for Christmas, but if I want to have ripe tomatoes for Thanksgiving, I need to start them earlier and later maturing varieties need to be started earlier, too.

I need them blooming and at least setting green fruits by Winter Solstice to make them worthy of being called Winter Indoor Tomatoes. Otherwise, by the time they set fruits in late January to early February, they won't ripen until spring.

So I'm going to be starting my few selections for this year's Winter Indoor Garden this weekend. Already lined up are
- Yellow Canary
- Red Robin
- Nano Ciliegia
- I want to do a mass sowing of my crosses and see if there are any dwarfs/shorties -- I know there were last year, but I lost them all due to mite infestation as well as being lulled by "the option to grow indeterminate varieties in the main season". This time, there is no ifs and or buts, ONLY 4 dwarfs will be grown and taller seedlings will be CULLED. :twisted:

Others being considered from my available seed stash, but still thinking... will be started NEXT weekend along with any other last minute additions -- nominations are welcome!
- Sophie's Choice
- "Tim" F2
- Pimula -- this is a full vining Cherry but I'm thinking of growing it for my "just one" indeterminate cherry selection. It will be this, Coyote, or one of my crosses.

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Posts: 29425
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Re: Winter Indoor Tomatoes variety candidates


Yellow Canary - TimothyT WG-2016
Red Robin - TimothyT WG-2016
Sophie's Choice
Manö x MWC F3 - Paprika's cross from Gixx
MMF-10 F5 (do not share) – Red Robin x Rose Quarts MF from dfollet.CKinNC
MRxZCMF F1 -- look for shortest
MRxSFM F1 – Maglia Rosa x (Stump of the World?+FFSlv+Manö) -- look for shortest
Dwarf Arctic Rose x Utyonok F1 - I'd forgotten about this one!

7/6 Soaked in weak turmeric.citrus tea (eh? Don't ask me, that's what I was drinking at the time, so I diluted it with hot water :> ) since about 5am – so 12 hours, then spoonzeedzipped on vermiculite/sandDE/bit of worm casting.

7/7 Most of Yellow Canary and Red Robin have germinated, half of MMF-10, so I sowed them in top half of coffee creamer bottle SWC's. I have 3 more of these as well as 2 top half of Dr. Bronner's liquid soap bottles SWC's

...of course as FOUND the Nano Ciliegia seeds TODAY... oh what to do.....

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