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Temperature question

What is the best temperature for tomatoes. I'm in northern TX, and it's 85 today. I put them on my back porch for most of the day, when should I start keeping them inside? We keep our house around 75 in the summer (when it's like 105 outside) Is that too cold for them? What is the best temperature for them?

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The ideal temperature for most tomato palnts to pollinate is between 65-85 degrees. Within this frame work there are definately some plants that will polinate at lower temperatures and those that will do so at higher temps. Once the plant has pollinated and you have fruit set I'm not sure that I would keep the plants in full sun on a 105 degree day. However, with shading from a blazing sun I'm sure that the plants could remain outside (the shading from a deck umbrella, for instance, would probably bring a noticeable 10 degree difference to the growing area) and enjoy the warmth created without withering and dying.

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