Are the mushrooms sprouting up next to my tomatoes a problem?

Yes - completely repot the tomato plant
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Yes - replace the top couple inches of soil
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No - just water a little less so the soil isn't as moist
No - things are fine. If the plant looks healthy just keep doing what your doing
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mushrooms sprouting in my tomato container

My 16 inch potting container for my tomato plant keeps sprouting up these mushrooms each night for the last 3 nights. Below is a picture of one of them. I had already dug out like 7 others.

Should I be concerned about these mushrooms? Does anyone know anything about this mushroom in particular? Is it poisonous or anything? I read somewhere a recommendation to dig out the top couple inches of soil and replace it with new potting mix. Is that necessary?

If the mushrooms aren't going to affect anything, and are just a sign of too much moisture in the soil, that would be good to know.


Thanks for any insight!


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Not a problem. Could be a sign of excess moisture or it could just be an indication that your potting mix has wood chips /bark in it. Mushrooms love to grow on wood. Harmless.

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Good to go don't worry just don't eat them.

A lot of people see mushrooms as a basd thing, I see them as a good thing. They are a sign a living soil rather than some dead non organic mixture.

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I get them in my pots a lot because I mulch with wood chips. I just let them die off or pick them and throw them in the composter (if they get too big).

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