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Tumbling Toms Advice

Hello all, this is my first post so please be gentle!

I'm in the process of growing tumbling toms from seed. I have 10 sprouts in total, I intend to plant them into hanging baskets once they reach sufficient size.

My question is how many of these do I plant per hanging basket?


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Hi there.

I'm not familiar with that particular type of tomato, but I would guess you would get the best result with only one plant per container. Unless your hanging baskets are really, really large :)

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I did a quick google for you and it looks to me as if the suggested setting is one plant to a 12 inch pot. The plant will spread out to tumble all around the basket. Looks like a very nice fruit yield in all the pictures I've seen.
I'm guessing that if you had a 20 inch basket you could plant two, if this is the first time you are growing them I would be tempted to do one to an 8 inch pot (2 to a 16) and keep them well fertilized to see what results I could get. Here in PA we like to fudge the recommended distance a little and plant a little closer than suggested.

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