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Looking for SPUDATULA tomato seeds

Does anyone have this Spudatula Black tomato seed to trade? 2011 tomato season here in south FL was great, especially the black varieties. Wanted to try this one for season 2012. I can swap seeds with you if you need any seeds from my list or send u SASE for the seeds. Thanks in advance.
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Again sorry i posted at the Depot I only have 5 seeds left. I got mine from Darth. I do have a few in the ground that I planted late, I don't see them doing anything before frost in roughly 1 month. But we shall see if they produce and you don't have seed I will send some.

But someone at the Depot will help you out. If you look at tatiana's site you will see Bill Malin is the one who got this chance segregation of a pl plant from Black from tula and grew it out till it was a stable PL producer. Bill is Spudleafwillie over at the Depot and one hell of a guy at that.

Again sorry I don't have enough. My rule is to not trade if I have 5 or less.

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