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What is your FAVORITE tomato?

After gardening for 38 year, thanks to my grandpa teaching me the technique, I have grown several of the same heirloom tomatoes for years and wanted to know YOUR favorite.

Mine are :

Stump of the World - a.k.a.- Big Ben - pink tomato
German Johnson - pink
Watermelon Beefsteak
Chinese Purple - Black variety
Black Cherry
Chocolate Stripes
Black from Tula
Nepal - small red tomato
Black Early
Paul Robeson - Black variety

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There are so many tomatoe varties over 400 I think!
My newest favorite is the pinepple tomato and a granny green tomato. For tast and nice size i never had anything as good as the pineapple tomato! I even ordered a 1/4 ounce of pineapple seeds for this winter planting! I will also be trading these seeds this year!
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Try in the thousands for # of vareity's. 8) possibly 7000 maybe 10,000.

You have some good ones there. My favs this year are Big Cheef and Rebel Yell F6. Rebel Yell is a cros of Stump of the World x Bear Claw. If you love Black From Tula, another great super productive awesome tasting tomato you should try Spudatula Black, segregation of BFT with potato leaves. It does even better. Most call it Spudatula.

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I have not grown many but one that I think is great tasting is Cherokee Purple.

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I'm pretty fond of Stump of the World (who isn't?) Prudens Purple is another I adore and I really enjoy Jaune Flamme as a tomato that just won't stop! Its a great salad tomato too. Black Cherry is growing on me now that temps have been up there for a while.

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I can see why people get so interested in tomato varieties with all their color, shapes and tastes. My husband is the official tomato evaluator around here as he is one of those that eats them like apples and i mostly have them in processed form when we make spaghetti sauce, salsa, or juice.
One I grew this year in the garden that would be a great containter tomato is Choice Red. Nice medium sized, perfectly round and smooth with thin skin, and very red inside.

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Your favorite ones probably depends on where you live. Personally I have had no luck at all with the varieties you listed in the original post. I personally like green zebra, cherokee purple, siberian pink, white wonder, chocolate cherry, Tucker's favorite. Most of them are short day determinates. It seems each year I find a new favorite among the 8 or 9 new varieties I try and several never grow again here This years new discovery is siberian pink which is kind of neon pink what a delight.

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Whatever I'm eating, followed by
Whatever is ripe, followed by
Whatever is fruiting.

It's so subjective and based on location that I'd really hesitate to recommend any variety at all. What does well for me in my rarified air will be very different for what does well for you. I love 'Fresa de Loja' and 'Chonta Sta. Cruz' neither of which is available outside of Ecuador. I flat out hate Brandywine, because the powdery mildew gets it before it can fruit, even if I baby the plants.

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I do have my favorites that I love and I seem to find new ones every year that are so yummy good. this year I really fell in love with Black Maury, Evan's Purple Plum, Pink Honey and a cross a friend gave me Moosolini these have been my favorite new tomatoes my old favorites Mr Stripey, Chocolate cherry oh heck a bunch more....

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I love yellow pear. It is like candy for me!

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