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What is wrong with my Tomato plants?

I noticed the yellow spots a couple of days ago, thought maybe it was too much water since it's been raining so much lately but then last night I noticed the other brownish/blackish spots on a few leave....is it too much water? leaf blight? some other virus?

according to the USDA I live in Zone 6b


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It's probably due to excessive water on the leaves which cause a leaf virus or leaf spot. Especially water at night is not good on the leaves. U want them to be dry at night and only water at soil level. U can just cut the leaves off and keep an eye on other leaves.

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Could be the beginning of septoria. https://vegetablemdonline.ppath.cornell.edu/DiagnosticKeys/TomLeaf/Septoria_Tom.htm

I'm not 100% on this I am still haveing trouble keeping up with the diseases.

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