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Found a new (to me) tomatoe I like

I tried several new tomatoes this year because they were short season. But I found that they still produce some fruit even in the 100+ temps that we have had. They are the Arkansas traveler and the 4th of july tomatoe.
They don't make big maters but they still produce fruit about 2" across.

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Ark Trav is a good one. It loves the heat and produces heavily. I never did 4th of July before. Don't forget to save seeds and try them next year they should do as good or better.

Hopefully better just due to weather I am in your basic weather system and it totally sucked this year. Maybe you noticed. :lol:

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4th of July is a decent tomato. It's the most flavorful early tomato I've ever grown. The skins are a little on the tough side, but I can pick them the third week of June in Zone 7, earlier If I protect the plants w/t plastic early on. Far superior to Early Girl, and just as early.

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